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I am excited to be running for Queen Creek Town Council in 2022. I want to assure you that every vote in this election (Queen Creek Election) counts.  I had over 5,000 Queen Creek residents vote for me in 2016 and came within 70ish votes of securing a seat on Queen Creek Town Council.  Your vote does make a difference and I want you to vote for me.   Since running in 2016, I have served on Queen Creek's Planning and Zoning Commission for 2.25 years.  I loved working to solve the challenges of our growing town.  It gave me greater insight into how the town operates and how we can shape Queen Creek for today and the future.  I included my family picture above because to me that is what Queen Creek really is all about - FAMILY.  In fact, Queen Creek was voted as the #1 city in the West to raise a family.  This outcome is a direct result of our founding families influence and vision of what Queen Creek could be.  I will stay true to that vision and work so that Queen Creek continues to be one of the best places to raise a family in America. 


Although I believe this election is more about you, the Queen Creek Citizens, I will share a little more about me.  I grew up in a small town and love that we still have that feel in Queen Creek.  I have worked in Traffic Engineering, and Financial Technology (programmer, relationship manager, and compliance manager).  I am also a licensed attorney in Arizona and Arkansas and practice real estate, estate planning and probate law.  I will use the skills of those experiences to shape where Queen Creek goes from here.  I am committed to keeping Queen Creek safe with funding our Firefighters and Police fully.  I am also ready to tackle the challenges of traffic and roads.  Additionally, I will work to keep creating activities and events (private and public) that have us interacting with each other as much as possible.  It is knowing each other by name that keeps the small-town feel in Queen Creek.  I am against wasteful spending and hold the public trust and the tax dollars provided by the citizens with the upmost respect.  I want every tax-payer's dollars to be maximized to benefit all our citizens, and lessen the tax burden when possible.  

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